Auckland University Medical School

AKLD university medical SchoolUniversity of Auckland, Boyle Building,  a $100m refurbishment project for the Auckland Facility of Medical and Health Sciences, Grafton project.

Encompassing three levels of underground and four levels of specialist teaching spaces, lecture theatres, offices, labs and student rooms.

Winner of a gold medal at the 2013 NZ Commercial Project Awards, recently completed by Fletcher Construction using aquatherm blue pipe (Climatherm) through Aquaheat Auckland and contractors Axis Plumbing and Hanlon Plumbing.

This was a large project for aquatherm involving multi-level pipe runs of chilled and heated water through to chilled beams.

Pictured here are installers Axis Plumbing  (Andrew Sommerville) and Milton Sands from aquatherm inspecting pipework during a site visit.

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We have committed ourselves above and beyond the legal requirements to maintain and protect the delicate balance of our immediate environment. From production to installation to recycling, our systems are designed to impact the environment as little as possible.