CHCH Central Bus Exchange

BUS EXCHANGE CHCHChristchurch’s biggest continuous concrete pour since the quakes and it’s great to see the blue pipe strategically placed on national TV!

A David Browne Contractors installation with Brendon and the DB team using the aquatherm inground pre insulated pipe system from Insa pipe.

aquatherm’s pre insulated system is one of the most energy efficient methods of transporting heating or cooling water covering long distances in the application of underground piping. aquatherm blue (climatherm) is ideally suited to this application being long lived and corrosion free along with fusion welded connections.

This is an extremely big site with large areas of underfloor heating and the need of substantial inground low temperature heating water and supply to the above ground HVAC requirements. aquatherm blue is used in the flow and return ground run outs for chilled water and low temperature heating.

The Central Bus Interchange is expected to be operational by Winter 2015 providing easy links with other modes of transport and is easy walking distance to central city destinations.

This is a sustainable and future-proofed design and will cater for 70,000 passengers per day by 2041. Bold architecture will create an impressive civic space and a new, easily recognisable landmark for this revitalised central city.

Construction project with Southbase Construction, and David Browne Contractors.

green pipe chch busaquatherm pipes in bus exchange

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