East Quadrant AECOM

AECOM house is a premium 8 level commercial building at the gateway to Auckland CBD.  Awarded 5 Star Green Star in office design and targeted for  5 Star Green Star as build rating, this commercial building has already attracted anchor tenant and well known consultants AECOM.  aquatherm products were specified for potable hot and cold water services and reclaimed water (Basset Plumbing).

An Economech Services project for mechanical services in combination with Dominion Construction was completed in October 2012.   Jamie and the boys at Hanlon Plumbing completed all the aquatherm blue butt and socket fusion welding requirements throughout the project including run outs, risers and plant room for all chilled and heating water services.  All plumbing services and reclaimed water were all aquatherm products installed by Basset Plumbing Limited.

East Quadrant AECOM1ACOM House exterior

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