Forte Health Christchurch Central

Forte Health HRForté Health, built in central Christchurch, utilizing an innovative steel-pressed frame system. One of the first in the world to be built with this type of steel structural system to resist earthquakes.

This new private surgical health facility hospital venture specializing in short stay surgery, accommodates a hospital with four fully equipped theatres, large 2 stage recovery and 12 overnight suites with 14 beds for patients to stay as well as specialist consulting practices with 3 floors in total and a upper level plant room.

aquatherm green pipe has been installed for both hot and cold potable services water within the building. The installation was a Clyne & Bennie Ltd project, a well known commercial plumbing company based in Christchurch. James Cowles, co director confirmed how important these IL4 buildings (life line utilities) were to services in Christchurch in the case of any natural disasters. C&B, having just completed the temporary police station in green pipe, were well aware of the high level of detail necessary in the overall plumbing application of this type of project, especially with over 6 kilometers of green pipe to install!

Builder: Fletcher Building

Mechanical and Plumbing design: Powell Fenwick Consultants

Below: Forte Health Facility Manager Nigel Wing showing Dirk Rosenberg, aquatherm GmbH and the aquatherm team the completed state of art facility.

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We have committed ourselves above and beyond the legal requirements to maintain and protect the delicate balance of our immediate environment. From production to installation to recycling, our systems are designed to impact the environment as little as possible.