St Cuthbert’s College Swimming Pool

Construction by Dominion Construction of the new St Cuthbert’s College Centennial Pool complex started early last year and is now well underway. The projectc is to be completed this year in preparation for the College’s Centennial in 2015.

The complex features a 25 meter pool with a movable floor at the deep end allowing the pool to be used for competitive swimming and water polo. The complex will also include a learner’s pool, a viewing deck, changing facilities and a student support area.

aquatherm green, lilac, blue and flexi is being installed for potable, non potable and HVAC services. Hanlon Plumbing and Economech services are the installing teams with Beca the consultants.

The project’s complex geological features and restrictive truck delivery times coupled with a tight site area combine to make this a very challenging high-profile project for all the team….it’s a great job.


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