Wigram RNZAF Museum

Wigram airbaseThis project was an addition to the existing RNZAF Museum.  The boiler house was located approximately 400 metres from the new building and pre insulated Aquatherm blue pipework was utilised to reticulate hydronic water had to be brought from this site to manifolds and to multiple plant rooms within the building.

Pre-insulated 125mm aquatherm blue (Climatherm) pipe and various other sizes were assembled in Auckland by Insapipe Industries and installed by the team at Aquaheat inground around the massive floor slab and flow and return from the boiler house to the new building. This pipe came up through several plant room floors, into manifolds for underfloor heating. Aquatherm was also used for all the radiator flow and return lines throughout the workshops and administration areas.

Consultant:   Warren and Mahoney

Engineers:    Beca Consulting Christchurch

Installer:       Aquaheat Christchurch

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