aquatherm BEST Q&A

  • Bracketing
  • Expansion
  • System
  • Temperature/pressure

aquatherm manufactures the world’s best PPR piping system and in order for the system to work optimally it needs to be correctly installed. BEST is derived from the four key elements (Bracketing, Expansion, System, Temperature/Pressure), which play a crucial role in a successful installation. Best covers the whole construction process. (Pre-Construction/Construction/Post-Construction). All pipe work should be installed as per the aquatherm technical catalogue.

If you’d prefer to download this Q&A and fill it out on your job site, please download the PDF. Please make sure to come back to our webpage and fill in your details at a later date.

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Best Q&A

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Pipe Sizing

All pipes sized to allow for ID-OD requirements

Cold water main

Pipe type used

Incoming mains pressure (kPa)

Water treatment type (leave blank if N/A)


Reducing valve (kPa) (leave blank if N/A)

Pump booster pressure (kPa) (leave blank if N/A)

Installer notes (optional):


Location (please specify, e.g. Roof, Basement etc.)

Pipe type used

Cold water pressure at inlet of plantroom (kPa)

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Heat Source

Preheat (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Boiler (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Heat pump (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Solar (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Heat exchange outlet temp (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Cylinder (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Storage tank (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Electric (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Gas (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

UV Sterilisation (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Ring main

Other (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Installer notes (optional):

Temperature Control

Note: Temperature and Pressure must be within aquatherm permissible working chart. aquatherm recommends temperatures below 70 degrees C for any DHW systems and velocities should be within international guidelines.

3 port tempering valve


Temp (Degrees C):

4 port blending valve


Temp (Degrees C):

BMS (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

BMS Alarmed for over temp (Degrees C) (leave blank if N/A)

Other method of over temp monitoring

Note: aquatherm recommends the use of a tempering or blend valve to control temperature in the system.

Expansion control

TPR Valve (kPa) (leave blank if N/A)

Expansion tank (kPa) (leave blank if N/A)

Cold water expansion valve (kPa) (leave blank if N/A)

Note: Cold water expansion valves shall be set at no greater than 20% higher than operating pressure.

Installer notes (optional):

DHW Pipe selection

Pipe type used

Note: aquatherm recommends the use of MF pipes in all DHW installations.

Linear expansion

Note: Cold water pipes have practically no expansion, however linear expansion of pipes are the difference between operating temperature and the ambient air temperature surrounding the installation.

DHW installation MUST allow for thermal installation. Failure to do so will reduce the life expectancy of the installation. Please check aquatherm technical catalogue or Technical Resource to work out the expansion required.

Linear expansion per meter allowed for (mm)



Indoor open space

Outdoor closed space

Insulated (thickness) (leave blank if N/A)

Insulated as per manufacturers instructions (If no, comment below)

Attach copy of asbuilt drawing. Mark relevant information re. bending legs or expansion loops.

Note: Every 20m of straight pipe should have a change of direction of a bending leg.

Installer notes (optional):


All pipes must be bracketed with an aquatherm approved green rubber clamp, with expansion spacers and/or brackets, clips, clamps that are approved by aquatherm NZ in writing.

Installed using aquatherm supplied fastenings (Answering NO may void warranty)

Installed as per manufacturers instructions (If no, comment below)

Note: When bracketing risers, ensure the positioning of brackets directly below each branch off point. All brackets must be installed as fixed points on the riser, check aquatherm technical catalogue for support intervals.

Installer notes (optional):

Pressure testing

Note: PP-R pipe systems result in an expansion of the pipe during the pressure test, tight clips or jammed pipe in frame work will result in an incomplete pressure test.

aquatherm pressure test completed

Please attach:

aquatherm BEST plantroom sticker installed

aquatherm GmbH warranty complete

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We have committed ourselves above and beyond the legal requirements to maintain and protect the delicate balance of our immediate environment. From production to installation to recycling, our systems are designed to impact the environment as little as possible.