aquatherm flexi sliding sleeve expanding best practices

05 Oct 2016
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bupa-rest-home-christchurch-100-apartmentsaquatherm flexi system is a new class of polyethylene raised temperature type 2, a recyclable side chain thermo plastic for in wall installations in houses apartments etc.

Flexi utilises compression sleeve connections, recognised as a permanent joint using DR fittings and compression sleeves to complete seamless jointing and also to aquatherm green larger dimensions.

Care must be taken with expanding tooling, aquatherm uses a locked expanding head so that incorrect expanding tools will not over expand.

Only used brand matched aquatherm expanding tool and expanding heads….following the connection technique guidelines…remember to expand once, turn and expand again…..when expanding make sure the sleeve is well clear of the expander (outside the expansion zone to ensure there is no risk of damaging tool and pipe).


Key points to remember

Pictured above:  aquatherm combined installation green to proprietary fusion attached flexi joints.

Pictured below: aquatherm locked expanding head for 16/20mm expansion



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