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05 Oct 2016
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pipe-installaquatherm would like to remind installers of the importance of completing and submitting the required Pressure Test after completing an installation. aquatherm uses the test information to verify proper processes for warranty purposes.

Heat fusion is essentially an all or nothing joining process. An improper fusion will hold very little pressure and will fail almost immediately when subjected to our high pressure testing. A proper fusion becomes as strong as the pipe wall and can easily pass our high pressure cycle test of 20 Bar.

There are 2 tests:

  1. The standard 20 bar cycle test (available online in our Technical Downloads section) and in your training book, and/or
  2. The German low pressure DIN test, also covered in your training book that is used where low pressure testing is necessary due to attachments, special valves etc and will not with stand the 20 bar cycle. This is a longer test with several parts to complete.

Remember both test are continuous tests, specific requirements that are essential to complete.

Aquatherm’s testing regime will:

aquatherm requires a copy of the pressure test and this needs to be submitted to aquatherm within 90 days of completion. We file all test sheets at our Auckland Head Office and test sheets combined with your Warranty document are then registered to the installation address.

We place a high value on the reputation of our brand and run our specific Registered Installer programme to minimize both the frequency and impact of installation issues.

Pressure testing is an essential part of the fusion welding process and your Q&A. Ensure your team leaders/ leading hands are well versed in the testing process and the essential requirements:

Pictured left: blue pipe in the munsen ring under 20 bar test and the movement (expansion) is clearly visible in this riser.

Pictured right: The D L Good Plumbers Ltd team setting up for pressure testing at Fonterra House.


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