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24 Aug 2016
Posted in: aquatherm

tohoz bows2Springbank School near Kerikeri held its annual market day late last year which also included over 50 stalls showcasing students’ business ideas. As well as testing their business and sales skills, the children donate 25% of their takings to charity.

aquatherm supplied the pipe to the TOHOZ Bows team and these amazing young lads handmade the bows, each with three arrows, selling them for $7 a set. With a great product and sales skills to match, they made a staggering $346 and donated 25% to a disabled children charity.

Not only did the team do well at the markets, they also won the trophy for “Most Innovative Product”.

The boys told us that people were really impressed when they got to test them out on their shooting range behind their stall. They found out they could shoot up to 40 metres!

Well done guys, aquatherm is really proud of you!Pictured: the TOHOZ Team (Ollie Ludbrook of Kerikeri (9), Oliver Sizer of Takou Bay (8), Hunter Blakeman of Kerikeri (8), Ted Houry of Kerikeri (9)).

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