AUT Millennium Centre Albany

AUT Millenium ceiling 2Construction is well underway on the new $22millon AUT swimming pool complex at the AUT Millennium site at Albany, Auckland.  The new project is a 4,000 seat facility which will feature a 50 metre main pool and 25 metre warm up pool, catering for elite aquatic events including water polo and surf lifesaving.

On completion this will be an amazing facility for our young and elite athletes alike and will also allow the AUT Millennium to bid for major international events like the Commonwealth Games and World Championships.  Sir Owen Glenn and the Lion Foundation were major contributors to this opportunity.

The project for aquatherm involves the use of aquatherm red pipe for sprinkler fire protection in key areas where corrosive elements play havoc with traditional sprinkler pipe systems.  You will see from the picture that the main pool ceiling is completely protected by aquatherm red pipe.  As in the case of green and blue pipe, a lot of this installation was preassembled by contractors Triangle Fire Protection with assistance from Bassett Plumbing & Drainage and then installed with high lift equipment.  Triangle are completing all other sprinkler requirements including tunnels, changing rooms etc in aquatherm red.

Allan and the team from Bassett Plumbing & Drainage are installing all the hot and cold water and reclaimed water services throughout the complex in aquatherm green and lilac which is a product now considered first choice for the pool environment.

Consultants are Hydraulic Services Consultants Ltd from Auckland.


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