Christchurch Hospital Parkside

lilac photo Parkside CHCHMajor construction projects at Christchurch Hospital “Parkside”  have been officially opened recently by Christchurch Central MP, Nicky Wagner.

These comprised of a 36 bed acute medical assessment unit (AMAU). A new (SPCU) Surgical Progressive Care Unit with 10 beds, and a 27 bed General Surgical unit and the Surgical Assessment and Review Area– (SARA).

A major challenge to the construction and Plumbing/ Drainage/ HVAC/ medical gas installing contractors (David Browne Contractors) was that level one of Parkside – the area directly under the refurbished level two contains 11 operating theatres. Contractors Leighs Construction had to undertake all noisy work between 6am-8am, and were required at other times to cease work so complicated surgery could be safely performed below them. Leighs Construction were very flexible and successfully worked with these challenges.

Aquatherm was used for all hot and cold plumbing, RO water and reclaimed water for flushing. Tim Browne and the team put in some pretty serious hours to process the extremely complex high level installation….along with the special seismic 4219 considerations required in critical services.

Contractors:  Leighs Construction

Consultants:  Beca Christchurch

Installers:       David Browne Contractors Limited

Pictured:        Lee, Services Coordinator at Leighs Construction and Rob Ward, Foreman, David Browne Contractors Limited

CHCH Hospital5195_ChchHospital_0352



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