MIT Campus Manukau and Rail Link

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe new MIT Campus is underway at Manakau City. The project is unique in many ways as it is the first new railway line connection in Auckland since 1930 and first campus being built over a major transport interchange enabling easy access to education and supporting the participation in the tertiary education for the people of Manakau and the broader Auckland area.

The project has been designed in such a way so it can accommodate growth in phase one of around 5000 students and with future subsequent phases and overall development of a 65,000sq m footprint and accommodate approximately 7,000 equivalent full time students and a total 20,000-25,000 students in any one year….pretty impressive.

Hawkins Construction are the principal contractors and Allan Rueben and the team at Chenery Contracting Ltd are the plumbing contractors on site installing aquatherm green and lilac. The installation involves potable hot and cold water throughout, rain water harvesting for flushing at all levels utilising socket welding through from mains to the wing back.

aquatherm have been involved with the Chenery team of onsite to support regular inspections and technical back up to ensure this complex installation is well on track for all parties here. Chenery and aquatherm completed together the largest PPR project in New Zealand back in the early 2000’s (Auckland Acute Hospital with over 50,000 meters of green pipe installed) so it is always good to be on site with the team.

The installation pictures show the clear colour identification of aquatherm pipes and individual supply lines along with the seismic requirements on this project.

Contractors: Hawkins

Consultants: Aurecon

Plumbing: Chenery Contracting Ltd

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