Natural Steps Early Childcare Centre, Apollo Drive, Albany

On the early hours on Sunday 21st July 2013 a fire devastated the Natural Steps Early Childcare Centre on Apollo Drive, Albany, Auckland, thankfully the building was unoccupied at the time of the fire.

Macrennie Construction were entrusted with the tightest of timelines for the rebuild process by Jan/Feb 2014,  so the centre would be up and running for the 60 children and families that daily use the facilities.

aquatherm green lilac and the new aquatherm flexi pipes have been incorporated into the new construction for the demanding needs of potable and non potable configurations in the complex.

Paul Jackson Potter and his team at NZ Plumbing Ltd have been using aquatherm products on institutional, housing and commercial projects for years now and have done a great job incorporating high level green and lilac mains throughout the centre in conjunction with the new aquatherm flexi (raised temperature recyclable PE product in 16 and 20mm dimensions) using sliding sleeve connections and fusion adaptors to the main pipe backbone.

The guys are really happy with the speed of install and one warranty covering the potable water material package.

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