Tait Campus

Taite Electronics plant roomA $20.2m contract with a 14 month build time for Higgs Construction, ground floor of 4,300 m2 and total floor area 7500m2, the Tait Communications Campus is due for completion July 2014.

Tait Communications has committed to a “collaborative” campus on the western edges of Christchurch. They want to create an area that is more park land than office space and that will allow Tait Communications, some of its 600 suppliers and other hi-tech companies to collaborate more easily.

The buildings will be separated by green corridors, pathways and access lanes for vehicles. A waterway will run through much of the width of the site, providing visual appeal, water re-use and as a heat sink to help with more efficient heating or cooling of the site. This will fit in with other green systems.

Underfloor heating designed by Christchurch consultants Powell Fenwick  in the new aquatherm orange system. This was completed using the latest european technology, flexible EVOH barrier heating pipe, stainless steel manifolds, and recessed cabinetry. The flow and return lines for the underfloor heating are aquatherm blue (climatherm).

Builder:                                                Higgs Construction – Christchurch

Project Manager:                                 Mark Weber

Mechanical design inc. UFH:              Powell Fenwick – Christchurch

Mechanical Installer:                           David Browne Contracting – Christchurch

Contract Manager:                              Leon Stone

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