New aquatherm SDR 9 PP-RP MF green pipe

05 Oct 2016
Posted in: aquatherm

nextgeneration_optaquatherm is proud to announce the launch of their SDR 9 PP-RP MF pipe, an aquatherm green product for domestic hot water systems.

SDR 9 PP-RP MF has a 14 per cent larger internal bore than aquatherm’s standard SDR 7.4 MF pipes, and is 16 per cent lighter in weight.

The pipe is made from reinforced fusiolen PP-RP material, a PP-RCT classified product and one of the longest lasting and most chemically inert piping materials in the world. This means the pressure rating of the pipe can also be increased.

All aquatherm green fittings are compatible with fusiolen-based pipes, so welding work is identical to welding standard pipes and fittings.

SDR 9 PP-RP MF will be included in aquatherm’s green/lilac BRANZ appraisal, as well as aquatherm’s Watermark listing.

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